Need Prayer?

Even as clients see their business performance metrics improve, Marketplace ROCK clients tell us that their Prayer Partners provide a service that is immeasurable….they hold the client up in prayer as he/she walks the tight rope of business.

There several key reasons why you need persistent prayer coverage as a business owner/leader.

  • You have more accountability and responsibility than the average person.
  • You experience more temptation than most believers.
  • You are a prime target for spiritual attacks.
  • You have great influence on the people in your business and marketplace.
  • Your high level visibility as an owner makes you more visible for gossip, criticism and slander that could tear you down.

There are several reasons that business leaders don’t have paid intercessor on their team.

  • Ignorance regarding the value of prayer and the availability of marketplace intercessors.
  • Humanistic Individualism that thinks…”if I need more of God, I will pursue Him myself”. This is basically, a prideful attitude that other people can’t help me spiritually.
  • Fear of the need to be transparent, vulnerable and accountable to people who hear from God.
  • False Humility that says…”Who am I to have personal intercessors?”
  • Unwillingness to publically (to a prayer team) submit all things in life and business to God.


Marketplace ROCK address these concerns as we provide…

Awakening. “Marketplace ROCK has helped awaken the Holy Spirit within me so that I am more accountable to filter things through the lens of God’s Truth”.

Peace of Mind. “It is comforting and empowering to know that my Marketplace ROCK Prayer Team ‘has my back’ in my personal and business life…They are my spiritual shield and help me to wield the Sword of the Spirit.”

Encouragement. “My Prayer Team cares about me, my family and my business. They speak life and health into me spiritually, physically and relationally. They always encourage me to think and act outside the box but within God’s will.”

Alignment.“As I struggle to figure out how to do things God’s way, my Prayer Partners continually bring me into alignment with God’s word and reinforce God’s will for my life and business.”

Confirmation.“When I have tough decisions to make, my Prayer Team is there is provide wisdom and confirmation. Although they don’t tell me what to do, they give me spiritual insight into challenging situations which makes it easier for me to choose the right path.”

Results.“The more I pray and talk with my Marketplace Rock Team, the more I realize that God has a purpose for my business that is greater than profit margins, return on investment or customer service. Don’t get me wrong, I love the way my business has increased since I’ve partnered with Marketplace ROCK. It’s just that my passion has shifted to seek ways to advance God’s Kingdom in and through my successful business”

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