Kingdom Focus

Vision – To see the marketplace transformed to reflect the Kingdom of God; one person, one prayer, one business at a time.

Mission – Spiritually partnering with business people in order to help them to accurately hear the voice of God; ultimately empowering them to fulfill their mandate to transform society for the Kingdom of God, while maximizing their business success.

Goal – Our primary goal focuses on fulfilling Colossians 4:12 for the marketplace; “… [to] always [wrestle] in prayer for you, that you may stand firm in all the will of God, mature and fully assured.” (NIV)

Strategies – As we partner with you to invite the presence and power of God into your business, we employ three key strategies:

1.  We seek God for ways to positively impact your business performance metrics
2.  We intercede for the transformation of the people and relationships affected by you and your  business
3.  We stand with you as ONE in the spirit based on John 17, to fulfill your Kingdom mandate to transform your community (as you define it) for God’s Kingdom