Welcome to Marketplace ROCK!

Guiding business leaders to higher ground to be better “Reflections of Christ’s Kingdom (ROCK).

The Mission of Marketplace ROCK is to spiritually partner with you and other business leaders through prayer…empowering you to accurately hear the voice of God in every aspect of your life and business.  The vision for each client is to enable you to fulfill your mandate to transform society for the Kingdom of God, while maximizing your business success.  We accomplish this through dedicated prayer support which provides spiritual protection and prophetic encouragement.

As they seek God through prayer, Marketplace ROCK Prayer Consultants help you discern and pursue your role in God’s plan for transformation of the business world: from spiritual awakening to Kingdom advancement.  No matter where you are along the path to reflecting Christ’s Kingdom, Marketplace ROCK will assist you in the shift from being a Godly person in the workplace to becoming a powerful change agent for the Kingdom of God.

We look forward to becoming your spiritual partner to see your business go to the next level in business success for God’s Kingdom.

We can be reached at 720-388-8330.