About Us

Vicki Finney

As Founder and Owner of Marketplace ROCK, Vicki’s passion is to see the power of prayer alive and active in the marketplace; transforming businesses, people, and situations for God’s glory.

Vicki was formerly a member of the leadership team at Denver House of Prayer where she recognized that time spent in prayer for the business world was almost non-existent.  In her heart she believed this was an overlooked area God was calling her to help fill.  She was drawn to the idea of praying for marketplace leaders by a series of events in her life.  After 25+ years in the corporate world, the Lord began revealing the new path he had for her, including surviving cancer.  It was during this cancer experience that God revealed his desire for a deeper relationship with her.  And it was through this same experience that he revealed a plan for intimacy with people in the marketplace.  It is his desire to draw everyone working in the marketplace back into awareness of his plans – for their personal as well as their work lives.

Over nearly a year’s time, the Lord showed Vicki that he wanted to use her passion for prayer, in conjunction with her project management and administrative gifts, for his kingdom purposes.  The name Marketplace ROCK came from the Lord during that time.  ROCK is an acronym for “Reflections of Christ’s Kingdom” and it is something he greatly desires for his people – to actively reflect and represent his kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.

In addition to her spiritual discernment and coaching/problem solving skills, Vicki has over 17 years in the field of architecture, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Arts, with a minor in Counselor Education (Psychology) and a Master of Architecture degree.