“I highly value the confidence of knowing that my Marketplace ROCK prayer team intentionally supports me in prayer every week. My Prayer Team proactively protects and defends me spiritually so that I can be all that God wants me to be in my personal life, ministry and business. They help me experience more of the spirit of God, the fruit of the spirit and God’s peace in every aspect of my life. Through weekly, targeted, prophetic prayer, including inner healing for myself, God continually answers our prayers. I am seeing victory in my personal relationships and an increase in the number of clients I am blessed to serve. I am grateful as my Marketplace ROCK Prayer Team hears from God and helps me be obedient to His will in every situation in my life and business.”

Nault Financial Owner,

“Business intercession has been an integral part of our organization for nearly three years. Our initial purpose of having an intercessor on our team was to help integrate our faith with our business. As a business owner, I am constantly faced with making strategic business decisions for our company. Having a team of intercessors to hear what God is saying about HIS plan for our company is invaluable to us. When you know HIS plan and what season your company is in, strategic decisions become easier to make. We believe that our intercessory team is our unfair advantage, the competitive edge that helps us grow in and industry where many are shrinking. Through recessionary times and corporate challenges, or times of acceleration and growth, our intercessory team is key to the success of our business.”

E.G. Boulder, CO

“I have started my second year with Marketplace ROCK and because of their intercession for me I’ve noticed a clearer vision in my purpose and assignment that God has for my life.  There is also an increase of peace as they have been praying for my business, family and ministry.  If you are doing life without the benefit of strategic intercession, I would highly recommend that you take advantage of all that God has gifted these intercessors with and begin to enter into all that God has for you.”

G.S. Denver, CO

“This is one of the best decisions I have made this year.  May God bless your business in ways unthinkable!”

L.B. Broomfield, CO