Do your employees reflect God’s Kingdom?
Would you like to be more proactive in spreading the Good News of God’s Kingdom?

If you are Kingdom-minded, your business is integrated with your ministry.  In other words, you co-labor with Christ to advance His Kingdom through your role in the marketplace (in addition to anything you do to financially support your local church or missions).  In light of this, the mission of your business includes a Kingdom mandate…a way to advance the Kingdom of God through the people you touch in business.  Marketplace ROCK partners with you to intercede on behalf of your Kingdom mandate and speak prophetically into its implementation.  If you have not identified your Kingdom purpose in business, Marketplace ROCK can help you progress toward becoming a Kingdom Company, with a Kingdom mandate, through prayer and spiritual mentoring.

As another way to engage in God’s Kingdom, Marketplace ROCK offers employee chaplaincy or mentoring to enhance your workplace environment. Our teams are also available to partner with you to conduct evangelistic trainings for your employees, people in surrounding offices or the public.

Engage with Marketplace ROCK to:
  • Align with God’s purposes for your business
  • Achieve seamless integration of your mission and business
  • Maximize the implementation of your Kingdom mandate
  • Assure employee satisfaction and maximum work productivity
  • Transform your business into a Kingdom Company
  • Play a pivotal role in transforming society for God’s Kingdom
  • Experience the joy of seeing God work through your business

ENGAGE Marketplace ROCK as your spiritual partner.